5 Steps to Career Harmony

simplicityYou aren’t alone feeling unfulfilled in your career, we all do at some point.  I preach a lot about taking big leaps to pursue your passion, purpose, or mission; whatever name you want to call it.  But the biggest struggle people typically have is defining what that is exactly.  Or what about the person who isn’t quite ready to take a big risk to dump an average career that simply pays the rent?  How do you happily stand in the “in between” until you are ready to leap into the most amazing career of your life?

The trick is to find Career Harmony.

Career Harmony (noun):  A pleasing combination or arrangement of different things to make up your life’s work.

Let me first say, this won’t be easy.  No my dear, you are going to have to work to be happy.  Starting now, there will be no more excuses for being miserable in your job.  Understand?  (This would be where you nod your head up and down in agreement).

Here are five strategies to create career harmony to figure out your true passion while building strong wings so when you are ready to jump, you’ll soar above the clouds.

1.  School Yourself – If you aren’t moving forward, you’re standing still and that means being stuck.  Pick up a class, take Spanish lessons, learn a new computer skill, or pursue additional certifications.  Start immersing yourself in your new dream field while you’re still working in your old one.  Hey now, that’s an idea and I’m not even a rocket scientist.

2.  Take Initiative – See something burning at work that drives you insane and think you have a better way?  Pitch it to management, take charge, make a difference, rewrite policies, or develop solutions.  Rather than sulk and whine about the status quo, do something about it already.

3.  Side business – Do you lose sense of time when you are dabbling in your hobby?  I’m willing to bet it brings you immense joy and makes you giggle.  Note to self, this is passion.  Figure out how you can make money doing what you love to do, just for a few hours a week and even if it only covers a tank of gas.  One step will lead to another and may lead to that dream career which allows you to work from home in your pajamas.  I’m not joking.  I would never joke about pajamas.

4.  Network – Brush your hair, step up your game and step out to meet people. Target people who are doing what you want to do, for companies that you admire.  Find out what makes them and the company successful, what’s the culture like, or an average day? What’s the best thing about their job, the challenges, up and downs?  You might just find your passion or on the flip side, your dream isn’t what you thought it was.  In that case, it’s time to find another dream!

5.  Tinker – Toying with a new career?  Find someone to job shadow or volunteer time to work – for free.  Yes, for free.  I didn’t stutter.  You can’t put a price tag on an opportunity to gain experience in your potential dream career.  Offering a trial basis may just set you apart from the hundreds of other people who are just dreaming about a change.  You, the fabulous one, are actually pursing it.

The point is, enough waiting for the clouds to part and angels to sing bestowing you with the answer to solve your career dilemma – take action now!  I dare you.

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