A Fat or Skinny Santa?

Flipping through my daily calendar and what’s this nonsense I read?  “The average North American gains seven to 12 pounds over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays”. 

WTF???   That is pure insanity.  That statistic must be overstated, right??

But here’s the thing and Ladies, you know what I’m talking about…We torture ourselves all year long starting with the New Year Resolution to lose 10-20 lbs, then there’s joining the gym, eating more greens, the spring break bikini (ya right), summer shorts are right around the corner, the new dress for the high school reunion, the wedding party and then…BAM!  Here comes the holidays and all that hard work goes right down the crapper in a matter of weeks, while shoving another spoonful of pie in our mouths (sigh).

Well I’m angry about this and I’m firing the warning shot right now.  Yes, I realize it’s less than a week before Thanksgiving.  But this year how about not letting the cookies, cakes, mashed potatoes, chips, dips overcome us?   

Half of you are probably groaning because you look forward to indulging but hey, I’m right there groaning with you!  What a spoil sport she is!  And “spoil sport” is being kind I know.  But we can get through this following some simple steps:

1.  Eat only when you are hungry – If you aren’t hungry don’t mindlessly shove fruitcake or fudge in your mouth. 

2.  Compromise – Want the potatoes and gravy?  Ok, but skip the stuffing.  Or maybe just have a little of both rather than two platefuls of each?  Speaking from experience here…

3.  Move your arse – Put on your shoes and move. Walk. Run.  Plan on doing a holiday 5K.  Hand deliver Christmas cards, walk the mall or the neighborhood to see the lights, ice skating or sledding.  Just be ACTIVE every day through the holiday party season.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.  I’m just reminding you. 

So join me and vote for Skinny, besides, Santa can always layer clothes.  I say, bring on some stuffin’ and gravy AND the running shoes.  Your waistline will thank you for it come January 1.

P.S.  When you post on Facebook about what you have bubbling in the oven, the glorious smells in your kitchen, the pies on your counter…let’s hear about your workout routine for the day too.  I’m just sayin’…

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