Action is a Sure Remedy for Fear

Oh darlingI have a simple question for you, “why aren’t you going for it?”

Excuses surrounding a lack of talent often mask fears and self-limiting beliefs. While fears won’t disappear, you can reduce them by changing your approach. Start with identifying the primary fear that’s blocking your career success.

Fear of Disapproval: Perhaps someone yelled at you so badly that the thought of taking initiative without approval makes you break out in hives? Please quit living in the past. When contemplating taking a bold action, stop making a list of the terrible consequences; rather make a list of the positive possibilities. There’s something to be said about asking for forgiveness rather than permission. Successful people stick their necks out because they believe their idea is worth it.

Fear of Failure: It’s real cozy inside in our comfort zone, isn’t it? It’s also very vanilla, boring. I’m not diagnosing you as a perfectionist, but they do enjoy being right all the time. When fear of failure is driving, perfectionists think, “I’m a failure”, rather than “it failed.” Watch your confidence grow by taking action without taking the results so personally. Pursue the stretch job, have the tough conversation, or pitch the idea. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be pitched.

Fear of Success: Consistently performing at a higher level can be daunting; the energy and pressure can be overwhelming for sure. At the root is a lack of confidence to meet expectations. Appreciating and owning your strengths every day, will help you believe you have what it takes to tackle any challenge ahead. Check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating. She offers a simple way to keep striving regardless of the outcome.

As a firewalker, I can tell you taking action is a sure remedy for fear. While I may have some cuts and burns, they are covered with superhero Band-Aids. I suggest you buy a box of Pokémon Band-Aids, as in GO!

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield

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