Angels are among Us

“We are each of us angels with only one wing.  And we can only fly embracing each other”. – Luciano De Crescenzo.

If you are like me, you look at returning your pop cans for a refund as a chore.  Just what I want to do on my Saturday morning…stand on a sticky floor waiting in line to shove pop cans into a machine that could snap my fingers off in a heartbeat. 

This particular day an elderly woman was fumbling around in front of me at a machine.  When I walked in, her face lit up and she greeted me like we were long time friends.  She said, “Hi, I’m Susie”.  I noticed her kind, worn face and cloudy eyes and I chirped up with matching enthusiasm, “Hi, Susie…I’m Beth”! 

She asked me if I would be so kind to watch her purse while she fed her cans in the machine.  All twelve of them mind you.  I, of course, said absolutely and that I would be right there beside her.  When she was done, she turned to me in the quietest voice, looked around the room and asked if by chance I had any other cans that I didn’t need? 

I looked in my cart brimming over and as my heart melted I told her, “Why yes I do Susie, you would really help me out by taking some of these off my hands”.  We spent the next ten minutes or so feeding cans together.  I would give her one, and then I would take one, and so on.  After I gave her the last one, Susie leaned over and whispered, “You won’t tell anyone about this, will you Beth”?   I told her this would be our secret and not to worry. 

Sharing pop can returns with an angel in disguise – $6.20

Carrying around a swelling heart filled with kindness  – Priceless.

I’ve thought about Susie quite a bit since then.  How she trusted a complete stranger to watch her purse and how she had enough courage to ask me for a little extra money to help her with her groceries. 

Miraculously, I look forward to returning my pop cans now and I look for a “Susie” in every crowd.

…and Susie, if you are reading this, I’m sorry I told our secret.  But I think you really wanted me to.

Look around you. Have you met your angel today?

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