The Power of Sisterhood Conference

Sisterhood Conference

Join Us!
“Nevertheless We Persist”
The Power of Sisterhood Women’s Conference
Sedona, AZ ~ September 2 & 3, 2017

More than any time in modern history, our country and the world needs women to stand up ~ for themselves, for their mothers, daughters, granddaughters, girlfriends ~ for all women and girls.

Have you felt the pull to do something to support, guide and empower women & girls . . . but aren’t sure how to begin?

You are not alone and . . . and you don’t need to do it alone!

Perhaps you’re yearning to be in a community of like-minded women, all searching for a way to create a better world for themselves and the women and girls they love. Or perhaps you want to engage in a larger way to enhance your community, your country or the world.

Redefine your own personal power and shift into action by:
• Voicing your dreams.
• Gathering strength to support your dreams.
• Expanding your vision through the diversity of others.
• Learning how to strategize the vision that you hold dear.
• Creating a plan to realize your dreams.
• Recognizing the power of sisterhood to support and guide you as you step into a more powerful, engaged life.

We are stronger together!

DURING THE TWO-DAY CONFERENCE, you will explore, discover and make a plan to support guide and empower women and girls . . . in your special way. You will be supported, guided, inspired and uplifted by our extraordinary facilitators and The Power of Sisterhood.

YOU WILL RETURN HOME with the strength of your sisters to support you as you move forward in a more powerful, meaningful way. Whether you’re looking for the confidence to step into the political field, join a women’s movement, start a business, or ease the younger generation into authentic lives of their own, your new sisters will have your back.

• Immerse yourself in a joyful, engaged community.
• Reach a deeper self-awareness through storytelling, writing, singing, movement and insightful exercises and experiences.
• Discover vibrant new friendships and the power and importance of sisterhood.
• Examine what you can do, and would like to do, to support, guide and empower women and girls in your life, in your community and in the world.
• Create an action plan that will provide clarity and a step-by-step guide as you move forward.
• Return home feeling renewed, re-energized and as an impassioned member of a Sisterhood Circle. Meeting online and on monthly calls, you’ll collaborate in a safe circle of synergy that naturally supports you to support other women and girls . . . and then magic becomes possible.

~ Includes:  Conference facilitation 9/2 – 9/3/2017 PLUS guidance and support for your Sisterhood Circle, including monthly conference calls and a private online “coffee shop” for sharing ideas, finding support, and cheering each other on.

Sedona Creative Life CenterRETREAT VENUE
The conference will be held at the beautiful Sedona Creative Life Center, a nonprofit organization founded to celebrate the human spirit and provide an uplifting and nourishing environment for celebrations, spiritually enhancing programs, and personal growth. The center is nestled on fifteen beautiful secluded acres, just a few minutes from the heart of Sedona, Arizona.

For additional information and registration, please visit the Sedona Women’s Institute.


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Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder 3

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions you ask yourself. Questions have tremendous power. If you want better answers for your life, ask better questions.” – Kobi Yamada

It was 2004 in Chicago on a wintery day, shopping with my mother and best friend in tow when she surprised me with a gift.  Giggling, she handed me a book that she purchased behind my back while I was looking at woolen mittens. I remember the mittens because I was freezing – think Chicago.  Winter. 

At the time, not only was I cold but I was struggling to define who I was longing to be. This book, Ever Wonder, Kobi Yamada, helped me beyond measure and taught me a powerful lesson, which is this;

When in discovery mode, learn to ask great questions. Well-crafted questions can stimulate, draw out and guide discussion. Every question you ask should help you either gather facts or an opinion.  This from me who is unofficially, “The Queen of Asking Tough Questions.”

Choice Questions include;

  1.  Are you the type of person with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life?
  2.  Are you living a life of action or reaction?
  3.  Do you have enough risks in your life to stay alive?
  4.  Is it true that you have to see it to believe it, or rather, do you have to believe it before you can see it?
  5.  Have you begun today what you wish to be tomorrow?

Hear me, these are the type of questions to ask yourself, rather than senseless questions like, “Am I good enough?” Yawn. Let’s commit to stop asking senseless questions in 2017, deal?

Ever Wonder is a unique book of questions that raises our awareness of our own self-talk and points us toward life-enriching changes.

Are you wondering? Don’t ever stop. Your life will thank you immensely for it.

Stay warm and curious my friend.

Seeking Career and Life Transformation? Discover Beth Bryce’s Career Masterclass or participate in her upcoming, Daring Circle Mastermind, “Reaching for the Stars in 2017.”

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Action is a Sure Remedy for Fear

Oh darlingI have a simple question for you, “why aren’t you going for it?”

Excuses surrounding a lack of talent often mask fears and self-limiting beliefs. While fears won’t disappear, you can reduce them by changing your approach. Start with identifying the primary fear that’s blocking your career success.

Fear of Disapproval: Perhaps someone yelled at you so badly that the thought of taking initiative without approval makes you break out in hives? Please quit living in the past. When contemplating taking a bold action, stop making a list of the terrible consequences; rather make a list of the positive possibilities. There’s something to be said about asking for forgiveness rather than permission. Successful people stick their necks out because they believe their idea is worth it.

Fear of Failure: It’s real cozy inside in our comfort zone, isn’t it? It’s also very vanilla, boring. I’m not diagnosing you as a perfectionist, but they do enjoy being right all the time. When fear of failure is driving, perfectionists think, “I’m a failure”, rather than “it failed.” Watch your confidence grow by taking action without taking the results so personally. Pursue the stretch job, have the tough conversation, or pitch the idea. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be pitched.

Fear of Success: Consistently performing at a higher level can be daunting; the energy and pressure can be overwhelming for sure. At the root is a lack of confidence to meet expectations. Appreciating and owning your strengths every day, will help you believe you have what it takes to tackle any challenge ahead. Check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating. She offers a simple way to keep striving regardless of the outcome.

As a firewalker, I can tell you taking action is a sure remedy for fear. While I may have some cuts and burns, they are covered with superhero Band-Aids. I suggest you buy a box of Pokémon Band-Aids, as in GO!

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield

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Santa Fe 2017 Retreat

2017 retreat marketing piece


Daring Circle Ranch – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Registration Opens November 1st, 2016
This has Sold Out!

What if you got insanely inspired to design the most outrageously amazing life changing next chapter for your one wild & precious life? And what would it mean if you also:

• Experience the rich, sensual arts, culture & food of the Southwest
• Visit a top-rated hotel spa in North America, voted #5 by USA Today
• Are inspired by phenomenal, real, kind, zesty, juicy, daring women
• Guided by compassionate coaches whose purpose in life is to create spaces that breed transformation, miracles, and magic!

Maybe, once or twice in your life, you’ve experienced a surge of destiny so strong it made you believe in miracles? What about now…

Yes!  I want more juicy details!

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Is it Time to Make a Leap?

women walking


Are you ready to discover your Career Roadmap?

Perhaps it’s time for your personal Career MasterClass…

  • Clarify what’s important to you in your career
  • Align your values & talents with your intentions and actions
  • Stretch your boundaries and take risks
  • Breakthrough fears and self limiting beliefs
  • Move forward on your dreams with accountability
  • Create a plan and action steps to get unstuck
  • Invest in your future with an award-winning coach

Yes?  The Career MasterClass is for You!

Step 1:  Complete an in-depth career review in advance of our meeting, including an MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) career & personality assessment

Step 2:  Carve out a day to work with Beth 1:1 to gain clarity on your goals and design a purpose-filled, successful, and passionate career that you love and so deserve!

Picture a Strategic Planning session

Insightful.  Intense.  Inspiring.

Step 3:  Receive your unique Career Blueprint & Roadmap (15+ page detailed report) from Beth and begin implementing

Step 4: Continue with 1 month of unlimited email support, a 1-hr coaching call and accountability with Beth

Option for 6 or 12 months of support is available at a discounted price.

What’s a Career Blueprint?

A design of your dream career that leverages your education, skills, talents, and life’s purpose.  Built in are your passions, lifestyle, values and goals for supreme JOY & HAPPINESS!

What’s a Career Roadmap?

A detailed plan to guide progress towards your career goals, broken down by SMART action steps, resources, motivating factors, critical milestones and timelines.

What Others Are Saying?

“I highly recommend Beth’s Career Master Class to anyone looking for a clear sense of purpose and direction.  As a small business owner, I found myself at a point of growth which required some tough decisions.  With Beth’s guidance, I was able to see that the path forward required an assessment of my personal mission, purpose, and values.  After months of procrastination, I finally had the vision and plan I needed to grow the business in the right direction.” ~ Kris Marsh, Kris Marsh Consulting

“The Career Master Class honestly changed my perspective of my future and has helped me to follow my dreams! I can honestly say, as I am the midst of setting up my life for the future, I see it bright and look forward to moving forward. Beth’s empowerment outlook and personalities made the class enjoyable!” – Lisa Thompson, Self.Love.Beauty

Full payment is due two weeks in advance of scheduled date.  No cancellation refunds 30 days prior to MasterClass.

I only coach highly-committed private clients. If you think you might be ready to make this commitment for your future, please contact me to set up a free consultation to explore your possibilities.


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A New Hello

8rebirth_istock“If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. “ – Paul Cohelo

The beginning.  It seems daunting, overwhelming, and heavy at times, right?  Sometimes the destination seems so far away, you’re paralyzed at the starting line.  Where do you start, where do you even begin?  The answer is, “you begin right here, right now.”  You say yes and it begins.  It’s really that simple.

On the other hand, the not so simple part is all the stuff we must go through in preparation to step up to the starting line.  I’ve coached enough women to know this is true for everyone, regardless of their background, education, finances, health, family situation and their big, audacious goal.  It’s in the goodbye that we struggle with, not the hello.

It’s the past stories, wounds, old identities, relationships and dreams that keep us stuck in the muck.  Oh does it ever.  There is power in letting go of worn out scripts.  Yet even more power in cutting loose relationships that don’t serve us well – people and jobs.  Super Wonder Twin powers in surrendering old dreams to yesterday and more importantly, we are okay in saying goodbye.

The truth is letting go, forgiveness and saying goodbye boils down to one word, peace.  Well, three words, being at peace.  Those past stories and hurts provide valuable life lessons.  The people and jobs that came into our lives were for a reason, good, bad or indifferent.  Learn from them; take copious notes on what to do, what not to do, what you liked and what you didn’t.  Add the notes to your toolbox of life and give yourself permission to move forward!  I’m being brutally honest here, you will not be able to manifest your dreams until you let go – mentally, physically and spiritually.

Back to the beginning.

There is a line in The Wizard of Oz that says it best. “It’s always best to start at the beginning, “solid advice from Glenda the Good Witch who was giving Dorothy directions to Oz.  It’s almost as if Glenda was saying, “Will you please just begin already girlfriend?”

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Until Further Notice, Celebrate You!


I am the Queen of celebrating my fabulous self. It’s a skill I have on my resume and one that I want for you too. Ever notice how we customarily throw parties to celebrate babies, graduations, weddings, and holidays but rarely do we send out an invitation for a new job shower? Or a black and white ball honoring cancer survival? I’d love to throw an “I Lost 10 pounds bash,” and definitely with a pizza bar. Or hey, why not throw a wine tasting party to toast forgiveness, quitting a toxic job or standing up to a bully?

What about the events of our lives that tests us beyond measure? The moments that push us beyond our beliefs? What about those wins? Why don’t we celebrate the daily victories where we had to crawl through the mud through our struggles and frustration? Yes, let’s celebrate the baby steps, not just the marathon. The accomplishments that test our spirit deserve to be honored too.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey

I get it, for most of us it’s very difficult spending time, energy and love on ourselves rather than the people around us. While it may feel awkward initially, doing so will increase your happiness, confidence and successes exponentially, trust me on this. Here are some simple strategies on how to begin celebrating ALL your wins today:

1. Buy a deck of 3×5 colored notecards, plain white isn’t allowed. At the end of each day, write the date at the top of the card and then 1-3 things you accomplished. Maybe it was a courageous conversation, signing up for a class, or making healthy food choices? Simple but collectively they build momentum!

2. Start a Happy Jar for the coming year. As the days pass throughout the year, be sure to jot down magical moments on a piece of paper, date it, draw on it, put glitter on it – you get the idea. Then fold it up and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, take them all out for a New Year’s Eve celebration and reread all your incredible wins – with your favorite dessert of course!

3. Before you start planning your New Year goals, take the time to list all your accomplishments this year, month by month, big and small. What are the top five things that you’re most proud of and more importantly, why?

4. Plan your celebration! Honor your accomplishments with something special before you dive into the next year. A quiet day all by yourself, a facial, a new outfit? How about a potluck with your besties taking turns around the dinner table sharing your top five. I’ll bring the chips and salsa!

When the ball drops at midnight, let’s celebrate us! I’d love to hear how you plan on celebrating your victories this year? Girlfriend, let the party begin!

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The Teacher and the Student

Inspiration and opportunities are everywhere. You just have to be open to receive them and say “Yes”. The second part, the “Yes” piece? That is where people typically get lost in fear which sadly means losing out on the richness of life. I rarely say “No” and for me it has made all the difference in the world.

Even if I don’t know how to do it, I’ll still press Yes.
Even if I didn’t plan for it, I’ll still raise my hand.
Even if I don’t know how I’ll pay for it, I’ll still go for it.

On a particularly bitterly cold Sunday morning this past January, in true form I said, “Yes”. Sipping coffee and thinking about my 2015 goals, I found myself distracted scanning Facebook. Suddenly I came across a posting on a short film that my director friend is producing in Flint, Michigan – not too far from my hometown!

…slow the bus down…

As I read further, the lessons in the film discuss the struggles of bullying, homelessness, poverty, and racial identity – overcoming those challenges against all odds. I knew I had to get involved thinking back on how I was bullied in junior high. Even so it was 30 some years ago, I still remember those dark days as if it were yesterday.

And I’m really tired of Flint getting a bad rap.

The goal for this project is to show a different side of Flint. To tell uplifting stories, use local talent and crew, and show iconic and redeveloped Flint locations. Michigan is home to a large number of talented, hardworking people. The Detroit and Flint areas are rich with artists – musical, visual, and performing. My excitement grew into a fever!

The short story is I’m going to be in the film. It just took a phone call. It just required passion. It was merely me accepting the invitation for an experience of a lifetime, and saying “Yes”. It was me believing in the project. And me believing in me.

Below you can check out this meaningful film with an intention to shine light on dark places that can become bright.

How are you saying “Yes”? A better question may be – what are you losing out on by saying “No”?

I’ll see you on the red carpet.

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No Regrets


Adventure [ad-ven-cher], noun: 1. an exciting or very unusual experience, 2. participation in exciting undertakings, 3. a bold action of uncertain outcome.

I’m a classic daredevil who knows firsthand what it’s like to have an adventurous spirit. I’ve taken my share of risks, traveled to faraway lands, broken some bones and hearts, switched a gazillion jobs, jumped out of a plane, and eaten alligator (that counts). However, I have a regret that’s been haunting me. One that should be annihilated with a 30 day adventure designed to challenge me like never before.

A few years ago I applied for the hit television show, “Survivor”. I was so serious that I had my video application professionally done by a local producer. I was so certain I was going, I saved weeks of vacation time just so I could jet to a deserted island in the South Pacific. While I should be happy I made it to a live audition, I’m sad to say I wasn’t picked. That changes today.

I’m committed to catch the producers’ attention by embarking on my own Survivor adventure. For the next 30 days, it’s my intention to complete daily physical challenges and…gulps…follow the Survivor diet, with one exception – no eating grubs. There is no amount of ketchup that could make grubs appealing. I’ll be making a video documentary and at the end of this 30 day adventure, splice it together to submit my three minute plea to Survivor. Today was day one, I logged in 10 miles and my mood was “energized”. Probably a week from now my mood will be “this sucks”. Let’s be honest, but it’s going to be a heck of adventure, agreed?

Like many of you, I don’t like regrets. I actually believe regret is born out of missed opportunities and not seizing the day rather than poor choices. Adventure, if you really think about it, is the opposite of regret. Saying “yes”. Choosing love. Booking the trip. Trying a new class. Starting a business. Pursuing your dream. Getting on Survivor. Whatever your definition of adventure is, just pick something before this summer or year gets away from you again.

Say “yes” to adventure and “no” to regrets.

And please promise to watch me on Survivor? I’ll be the brave lady with no regrets refusing to eat grubs. Unless I’m at risk of getting voted off, to which I’ll say, “Pass the ketchup”.

Life is way too short girlfriend to not eat grubs.

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Cute Shoes Are Required

conquer the world

I never understood why women, and some men for that matter, are completely head over heels in love with shoes.  Watching Carrie’s fascination with Manolo Blahnik shoes on Sex in the City failed to trigger a shoe revolution in me.  While listening to my girlfriends gush about high heels over lunch, I would change the topic to discuss the dessert menu because the chocolate lava cake was more fascinating.  Even my mother’s fetish for shoes and boxes neatly lined up in her closet by color and functionality didn’t wear off on me.  Truly, how many pairs of black shoes does one really need?  She would argue at least ten.

One enlightening conversation changed everything.

Last week I was listening to an interview with Holly Getty from Calvin Klein, on the power behind the right pair of shoes.  As Holly spoke about the necessity of fabulous shoes, it finally clicked why they are so important.  It’s not about the shoes at all; it’s about stepping into your possibilities.  Why do you think they put ruby red slippers on Dorothy from theWizard of Oz?  Arguably those red slippers didn’t even match her blue and white gingham dress.  Would Dorothy have been just as prepared for her journey in a pair of dusty espadrilles?  I think not.

“She packed up her potential and all she had learned, grabbed a cute pair of shoes and headed out to change a few things.” – Anonymous

Shoes are powerful.  Shoes have the ability to transform your body language, confidence and attitude.  They lift you physically and emotionally.  Agreed, to command any room, your megawatt personality, smile and brilliance is required.  Beyond that, stack the deck by adding shoes that scream, “I am the master of my destiny!”  It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, wearing fabulous shoes.  And while we are at it, Cinderella is proof that one pair of incredible shoes can change your life.

After the interview I braced myself and bravely opened my closet to take stock of my shoes.   It didn’t take very long because I only owned eight pairs.  It was a rude awakening looking at my scuffed heels and blah colors.  One that forced me to ask myself, “Is this who I am?” Really, how many pairs of taupe flats does one need?  I quickly threw out five pairs leaving my leopard print flats and sequin studded cowboy boots on the top shelf.  Those are keepers because they definitely speak to who I am!

I am happy to report this past Saturday I went shoe shopping.  Not just shoe shopping, but shopping for my potential.  Not just any shoes will do for this journey; these are shoes that prepare me to step into my greatness.  I hope our paths cross soon and you can check out my red, peep toe wedges for yourself.  And believe me, I will be checking out your shoes too.

Because  it is really all about the shoes and more importantly, stepping into your possibilities.

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