Cute Shoes Are Required

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I never understood why women, and some men for that matter, are completely head over heels in love with shoes.  Watching Carrie’s fascination with Manolo Blahnik shoes on Sex in the City failed to trigger a shoe revolution in me.  While listening to my girlfriends gush about high heels over lunch, I would change the topic to discuss the dessert menu because the chocolate lava cake was more fascinating.  Even my mother’s fetish for shoes and boxes neatly lined up in her closet by color and functionality didn’t wear off on me.  Truly, how many pairs of black shoes does one really need?  She would argue at least ten.

One enlightening conversation changed everything.

Last week I was listening to an interview with Holly Getty from Calvin Klein, on the power behind the right pair of shoes.  As Holly spoke about the necessity of fabulous shoes, it finally clicked why they are so important.  It’s not about the shoes at all; it’s about stepping into your possibilities.  Why do you think they put ruby red slippers on Dorothy from theWizard of Oz?  Arguably those red slippers didn’t even match her blue and white gingham dress.  Would Dorothy have been just as prepared for her journey in a pair of dusty espadrilles?  I think not.

“She packed up her potential and all she had learned, grabbed a cute pair of shoes and headed out to change a few things.” – Anonymous

Shoes are powerful.  Shoes have the ability to transform your body language, confidence and attitude.  They lift you physically and emotionally.  Agreed, to command any room, your megawatt personality, smile and brilliance is required.  Beyond that, stack the deck by adding shoes that scream, “I am the master of my destiny!”  It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, wearing fabulous shoes.  And while we are at it, Cinderella is proof that one pair of incredible shoes can change your life.

After the interview I braced myself and bravely opened my closet to take stock of my shoes.   It didn’t take very long because I only owned eight pairs.  It was a rude awakening looking at my scuffed heels and blah colors.  One that forced me to ask myself, “Is this who I am?” Really, how many pairs of taupe flats does one need?  I quickly threw out five pairs leaving my leopard print flats and sequin studded cowboy boots on the top shelf.  Those are keepers because they definitely speak to who I am!

I am happy to report this past Saturday I went shoe shopping.  Not just shoe shopping, but shopping for my potential.  Not just any shoes will do for this journey; these are shoes that prepare me to step into my greatness.  I hope our paths cross soon and you can check out my red, peep toe wedges for yourself.  And believe me, I will be checking out your shoes too.

Because  it is really all about the shoes and more importantly, stepping into your possibilities.

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