Desperate? Just do the Opposite

One of my favorite Seinfield episodes is, “The Opposite” (1994).  The character George decides that every instinct he ever had was wrong and decides to do the opposite, which causes his luck to turn around and that lands him an attractive girlfriend, a job offer with the New York Yankees, and an apartment that allows him to finally move out of his parent’s house.


Now back to you…let me be more specific, those of you seeking something, anything different.  I’m going to challenge you.  Between now and the end of the year I want you to do just one (1) new thing. 

It must be something that you have never done, wouldn’t normally do or make you step outside of your comfort zone (whatever comfort means to you).  The point is, you are going to take action and by doing the opposite, hopefully you will experience something extraordinary that just may change your life.  Or Heaven forbid, change your perspective.

It doesn’t have to be huge.  It could be going to a movie theater alone, painting your bedroom a totally different color, taking a class, trying sushi, apologizing to someone, sign up for an on-line dating service…and so on.

I’m even jumping on this bandwagon.  One thing I’m doing is this:  taking someone to dinner. 

Now it might seem simple, but this is someone that lives 1,200 miles away.  Someone I haven’t seen in five years and I told my stubborn self that roads go both ways and I was tired of always being the one to travel.  And until that someone came to see me, by golly I wouldn’t be seeing them.  It’s been five years.  So I cashed in some miles will be flying in to take that someone to dinner.  It’s the complete opposite of what I’ve been doing, albeit in a big way.

Or just keep it simple like I said:  Stop instead of Go, Go instead of Stop…and Pause?  Well hit the gas of course!

P.S.  I’ll let you know what comes out of that dinner.

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