Detox: Has zero to do with food

I know what you are thinking when you hear the word “Detox”.  No food, no drink, no sweets, no fun.  That’s what I thought anyway, but after completing a two week detox* the biggest surprise to me wasn’t about food or the 11 lbs. I lost at all.

Detoxing is more about what you feed your Mind and Spirit rather than your Body.  Overcoming your food addiction truly is the heart of the matter.  If you aren’t ready to battle with your mind, you will not succeed.  I’m just sayin’. 

This detox included other things like mediation, deep breathing and journaling.  Also for an entire week you are asked to reflect and write on deep soulful questions  probing past loves and hurts to lay ground work for a new life, a new you.  A lighter you.  Not just in weight, but in spirit.  Since 80% of our past pains are stored as toxins in our fat cells (so doctors believe), these past pains need to be released to stop eating emotionally.

Like any good battle, you simply need to prepare yourself mentally.  For those of you that have been contemplating doing a detox, it’s time to eliminate “I should” from your vocabulary and replace that with “I must”.  Here’s the best roadmap I can give you:

Preparation – Prepare for battle

Own up.  Whatever plan you embark on, don’t kid yourself.  It’s not easy.  In fact, it’s hard. But really, is anything that’s worth something ever really easy in life? 

Tell people.  Now you’ve made a commitment out loud. Certain friends & family won’t understand and will think you are weird but all you need is one supporter.  My dog didn’t mind, in fact he ate salad, carrots and veggies with me and he was happy with that.

Talk someone into doing this thing with you.  You can hate on the program together at least for the first few days.  It’s great to have someone to talk over frustrations and discoveries…and celebrate completing.  My mom came along with me, I manage to talk her into almost anything (skydiving, marathons, cross country drives, now detoxing).  She’s always my first phone call & rarely backs down from my antics. 

Journal your adventure.  Whatever the emotion is, write about it, feel it, deal with it, rather than eat it.  Write down your goals.  Understand your “why”.  Why are you doing this?  For me I just wanted to get to a point of seeing food for what it is, something to sustain rather than filling the empty and painful places.

 Rewards – What I discovered about myself after day 14

Never slept better, like seven hours soundly straight thru the night.  Haven’t done that since I was like 14.

My skin is brighter.  “Water”, the elixir of life.  Drinking ½ your body weight in ounces flushes, hydrates, revives and energizes.  Not to mention my headaches were eliminated after day 5.  Coming from me, a primary stockholder in Advil, this is huge.

I CAN do three meals without snacks.  The secret is, don’t skip a meal and make it healthy and robust.

I CAN live without coffee.  If I want a cup I’ll have it, if not I won’t.  The point is, I don’t HAVE to have it in the morning for fear I’ll bite someone’s head off.

There is no greater high than living openly and honestly with joy and love.  Might I add, bravely? 

Forgive everyone for everything.  I feel much lighter, more positive and just plain…happy.

Experiencing evenings of no sound is a beautiful thing in bite size pieces.  I CAN do no TV, phone, music or talking.  It’s very clarifying and calming to hear your soul speak rather than listen to external things drone on.

 Face your demons; put a Detox on your bucket list.  Skydiving or visiting Paris can wait.  It has the potential to be a life altering experience in your own home.

 P.S.  Brutal honesty right?  One thing that I am totally clear on ~ I will never give up pizza.  EVER. 

*Details on the “Colorado Cleanse” Detox can be found at

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