Divas Wanted!

I am Proud to be a Diva

The term Diva is often used with a negative connotation of a “star” that is arrogant, difficult to work with, high-maintenance, fussy, high strung, privileged and demanding. 

Now just hold on there a minute Mr. Webster…this is totally inconsistent with my beliefs.  I disagree and for the record, in my disagreement, I’m not being a bi-o-tchy Diva. 

To me a Diva lives her (or his) life out loud, to the fullest and most importantly, does not ask for permission to do so. 

In fact, being a diva is about defining your life, on your terms, with no apologies.  Simply put. No one else is responsible for your happiness, goals or dreams so why would they get to tell you how to live YOUR life?    

Get it straight – Divas take chances, are alluring, confident and unpredictable.  Divas are strong and vivacious; command a room and command their own lives.  I left junior high school a loooong time ago and have no desire to celebrate my 13th birthday again.  Rather, I’d like to set the standard for our young women today:  a Diva that is classy, empowering, confident, and intelligent with lots of moxie that they can look up to and learn from rather than hate on. 

Finally,  being a Diva is not about a huge bank account, vacations in exotic places or a personal jet, thinking you are all that and belittling others to make yourself feel better.  Being a Diva starts from within.  Believing in yourself, your power, your talents and your abilities.  Knowing you are the BEST you regardless of your personal and professional limitations.  I know there is a Diva in each and every one of us. 

The World is waiting to see you shine!

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