Don’t Get Comfortable

fearlessNote to self: Don’t get comfortable.

Comfortable means no growth. Comfortable means you’re coasting. Comfortable means you’re stuck. No one likes being stuck, not even gum on the bottom of shoes. You are not gum.

Earlier this year I realized I was getting waaaay too comfortable in my circles. I know everyone, they know me. More importantly, I know their stories and they definitely know mine…well, most of them.

And then it happened…I miraculously got “unstuck”.

I was at a luncheon listening to a leadership coach and she slapped me in the face with her words of wisdom. It was if she was speaking directly to me, “Beth, if you’re the smartest person in the room, then sister, you better find another room”.

So I went to doing just that. I found new groups, new inspiration, new stories, and new ideas I hadn’t heard yet. Even implemented some of them and started dreaming new dreams. Please know I’m not saying throw away your old friends {me singing, one is silver and the other’s gold, fa la la la la}. I’m saying e x p a n d your network and you expand your mind.

Everything you desire is outside of your comfort zone. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Step outside, take a risk, and take yourself to a higher level. Besides, they are waiting to meet you! Yes you, the fabulous one who has fascinating stories and brilliant ideas.

Get moving, find another room.

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