Got Oxygen?

Rather than inhaling leftovers at my desk for lunch today, I actually snuck out of the office to have a delightful salad with an even more delightful girlfriend. Lunch becomes the Beth & Kat Show followed by loud boisterous laughing (me), quite giggling (her) and snickers (both of us) that leave the other patrons wondering what the heck we are having for lunch!

In actuality, we are simply celebrating and supporting whatever the other is going through in our lives and inevitably talk about how we can make a difference for others. This particular afternoon we reminded ourselves of “The Oxygen Mask Theory’.

The premise of the Oxygen Mask Theory goes something like this: If we took better care of ourselves first, we are then able and willing to do so for others. I say “if”, but what I really mean to say is we “must”.

Lately, what I’ve been hearing from women is they would LOVE, LOVE to pursue their dream job, start that business or make a big change (improvement) in their life, but they are way too busy to even contemplate it. How sad is that? Very.

As women, we have these patterns engrained in our brains regarding priorities; kids, partner, parents, job, community. Self? Hello…self? Followed by our brain telling our self to shut up and be selfless. Sad indeed.

Where is it written that we must constantly do 24/7? Run here, run there, help them, volunteer ourselves for the tasks that no one else wants to do, and on and on (insert picture of treadmill here).

I’m telling you this as a friend, as someone who cares about you…you will never accomplish your dreams or truly live YOUR life, until you decide to make time for YOU. Make time for the things that are truly important to you. Take inventory and then take them out to trash. Establish boundaries, learn to say no. Stop feeling guilty.

Ever stop to think that the world…the universe, is actually waiting on your bigger purpose? Here you are dilly dallying around with some menial project or task that isn’t worthy of your time. Knock it off and get on with your true purpose. Live YOUR life!

And Kathleen if you are reading this…I sure love you Girlfriend! When’s our next lunch?

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