How Can a Career Coach Help Me?

Do you know what kind of job you want but don’t know where to start? I will partner with you to develop a focused, organized plan for your job search. Keep in mind, a career coach will not place you in a job, but can help you find an appropriate position more efficiently.

Are you sending out resumes but hearing nothing in return? I can assist you with cover letter and resume writing and help you showcase your best assets.

Are you getting first interviews, but not making it to the second interview? I will help you polish your interview skills that can, in turn, make you feel and appear more competent and confident during the interview process. In fact, 80 percent of individuals have experienced a positive change in self esteem and confidence as a result of preparing with a professional coach according to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study.

Are you still not sure what you would be “good” at? I am trained in giving assessments to determine your skills, interest, and areas of aptitude. With this information you can narrow your search to key areas you may find most rewarding.

Have you already secured a job and want to grow? Coaching is an investment in your professional development that can result in fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision-making skills and enhanced interpersonal effectiveness.

Are you at a mid-life career crossroads? Feeling stuck? Are you seeking more meaning and purpose in your life’s work? Want to pursue another career or start that dream business? I can help you design an action plan based on your timeframe and comfort level that will overcome your fears and obstacles and put you on a new path today.

You are ready for coaching if:
You have a desire to change or better yourself or situation
You are future oriented rather than caught up in the past
You are willing to do the work
You have personal and/or professional goals

Are you ready to plan for your future and really take action? Then, contact me today to take the next step towards living your one life authentically.