How to be a Cowgirl

I live as far north of Texas that is humanly possible without crossing the Canadian border so I can’t remember the last time I saw someone driving around my town wearing a cowboy hat.  Hmmmm.  Try never. 

However…this past weekend my hat is now in my car.  When I get out of work, drive to the grocery store, get gas…I’m wearing my hat.  There is something incredible about the energy you feel wearing a cowboy hat.  Even though I don’t listen to country music, never frequented a dude ranch, haven’t branded a cow, surely I can fake being a Cowgirl.  I can muster the spirit, hair blowing in the wind, reckless grin a Cowgirl has. 

I’m lovin’ the looks I’m getting from all kinds of people at the stop light; old and young from all different backgrounds…I always get the same response, a big fat smile!  I imagine they wonder, “who is THAT girl”?  I need a license plate with the word “MOXIE” on it.  

So yesterday I pulled into the local grocery store wearing my hat and my Oakley sunglasses rockin’ out to Alicia Keys (not Sugarland mind you) and glanced over at a beautiful, bee-u-t-ful cowboy.  He was wearing Oakley’s too and had a grin the size of Kansas on his face.  All he did was nod up and down…as if to say, “You Go Girl”.  Made my day…I’m keeping the hat in the car all summer long.

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