Just Add Life and Stir…

I readily admit I am a type A person that happens to be a control freak.

Disclaimer:  But just when it comes to my life though.  Everyone else can do whatever, whenever they want because we all know the only control we have over anybody is ourselves and sometimes that’s even limited.

Back to the subject at hand;  For the first time in quite a few years, my family from one coast to the other is flying in for Thanksgiving.  Not just Thanksgiving Day, but a whole entire w…e….e….k.  Kids under 15 and Adults over 35, throw in a 5 month old Jack Russell Terrier puppy for good measure.  OMG.

Now I would typically make lists upon lists…what meals, what restaurants and what movies outlined on a typed agenda for each day, a blow by blow account of who will be where doing what and how much is that going to cost exactly? And what should I wear?  Including a plan in case it snows.  And when am I going to work out?…I have to get my run in!

I’m not doing this.  I refuse in fact.  I don’t care who will be making the turkey, what time the game starts, what stores we will be hitting, what folks want on their pizza Saturday night.

Rather I’m going to enjoy every unplanned moment, every spontaneous laugh, unhurried lounging and naps.  I will dress for whatever the weather is that day.  Wake up and go to bed whenever.  I might as well be on Australia time for all I care.  I’m going to enjoy, truly enjoy spending time with my loved ones live and in-person rather than in cyberspace (phone, text, Facebook, Skype…etc.)

I’m just going to add life and stir!

Many blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ~ Enjoy it, the moment is about to be over in a wink of an eye!

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