Live the Life You Love


“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” ~ Bob Marley

About four years ago I sat down at a table with a poster board, stack of magazines, glue stick, and a pile of dreams of what I wished my life looked like. I carefully ripped words and pictures that reflected my future identity; Coach, Teacher, Author. Coincidently or not, those words were surrounded by pictures of the desert, mountains, and ocean. Who would have imagined two short years later, I was just that – a coach, teacher, and author that has traveled to those magazine images on a poster board?

Me – I imagined this! I created this amazing life that I’m living today.

I wish I could say it was that easy and tell you there is fairy dust in the glue stick and magically your new life appears just how you envisioned and hoped it would be.

It’s not easy.

Reinventing yourself likely is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do in life. But you do have access to a secret weapon, The Law of Attraction. What is this? It’s a principle that says the more you focus on things you want, the more time you spend paying attention to your purpose, the more you draw your desired items and experiences into your life. Surrounding yourself with visual representations of what you desire helps to elevate your energy in the direction of those things.

Creating a Vision Board, a collage of inspiring images and words will help empower and manifest your goals and wishes for the future. Want to finally start living the life you imagine? Step one is to create your map, a GPS, to guide you to your future destination. This is a perfect rainy afternoon exercise, alone listening to the encouraging thunder. Or, how about a fun filled evening with your best girlfriends and a couple bottles of wine? It’s also a great birthday party idea for your young daughter and her friends helping them shine an empowering light on their future. They, more than anyone, need to understand they already have everything stored inside of their hearts and minds to succeed in life.

Today, I have a new vision board today hanging in my walk-in closet so I see it at least once every day. I can’t share with you what’s on it because I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Just know it’s a BIGGER dream because we must continue to dream bigger to be truly living. Hanging right beside this is my “old” board. I leave it there to remind me of the power I have, that we have, to create our own destiny. Quite simply, it starts with a poster board and a deep unwavering belief in your dreams.

No my dear it’s not easy, but it is so worth it.

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