Motto for 2011: “Not Yet”

The next time you feel impatient with yourself because you are procrastinating about making a change that is way past due, repeat these two powerful words, “Not Yet”.

 The next time you wish you had the courage to say what you’ve been meaning to say, ask what you’ve been meaning to ask, repeat these two powerful words, Not Yet.

 The next time you hope you had the strength to stop an addiction, repeat these two powerful words, Not Yet…Get my drift? 

 Think of that thing, your nemesis of which you’ve been struggling and stretching for and just r.e.l.a.x. about it, ease up on yourself!  Not Yet  tells you to stop beating yourself up.  You will do that thang when you are ready to do it.  When you have enough confidence, courage and strength.  Stop making excuses.  It really is that simple = confidence + courage + strength.

Not Yet.  It’s hope for a better tomorrow when your dreams become real.  The actions you need to take will happen…just Not Yet.

 So until the moment is right, keep believing, keep hoping, keep dreaming.  Keep working toward the change, the move or the relationships and job you want.  Not Yet will come to be. 

 The day of your bold move will arrive…just Not Yet.  And that’s really okay.

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