Need to Cuddle? Get a Puppy

I get it, I really do.  The ultimate person, place or thing to cuddle is a loving, affectionate partner that treats you like the Queen you are (violins playing in the background). 

HOWEVER…if you don’t have one AND you have high standards then do yourself a favor, please…please…please I beg you, don’t lower your standards girl waiting for Mr. Right.  If you are lonely, get a puppy. 

Take it from me; puppies are always excited to see you.  They are the most loyal thing alive (next to your Mom).  A puppy will entertain you, play with you, eat with you, walk with you, and watch your favorite show.  Best of all they go to bed at a reasonable time.  When you don’t want to be bothered, you can put them in their kennel and tell them to go to sleep.

So you have to clean up after puppies, but chances are you are cleaning up after your significant other too.  And yeah, you have to support them financially, but really, how much does dog food and shots cost compared to the new 60 inch High Def plasma TV your loving partner wants for his deer blind?

My new puppy is a great snuggler in bed who likes to snooze after the alarm goes off.  He also likes his belly scratched…just like a partner but minus the snoring.  Moral of the story, until you find Mr. Wonderful, a puppy will do just fine.

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