Never as good as the first time?

“Never as good as the first time”.  Have you ever heard this before?  It’s an old saying that has even been written about in songs.  It’s a load of BS.  Don’t buy into it.

There are plenty of things that are just AS good, if not better the second time around.

  • Everybody knows Chili or Spaghetti served the second day is more flavorful. 
  • A crackling’ fire in the fireplace (with real wood) on a blustery, cold evening…Always as good and depending on whom you are sharing with and the temperature outside, better.
  • Paying off a major bill like a credit card balance or student loan.  Always worthy of a fist pump time and time again!
  • And here’s my biggest point…yes, even weddings.

My best gal pal got married again this past weekend.  She found her partner for life at the ripe old age of 43.  After years of “the good, the bad, and the ugly” she finally found him.  Or they found each other rather.  Now it took some practice relationships and “starter marriages” to get it right but they finally came to understand the qualities in a spouse that are the most important to them.

After learning who we are and what we really want, it seems many of us are able to define what does and doesn’t serve us well in a relationship. 

Half of us seem to get it right the first time since studies on the divorce rate in America say that approximately 50% marriages end up getting divorced.  For the other half, I like to think they got it better the second time around.

So in an intimate setting with covered round tables, silver and snowflakes, my friends were married under an arbor filled with tiny white Christmas lights surrounded by 50 people who witnessed two people who got it better. 

Other than never give up on love…never use the word “never”.  It will get you every time.

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