Not Your Average Tea Party!

In American political discourse, “Tea Party” is a term that has become synonymous with “protest.” Urban dictionary (n.) 1. A disillusioned group of U.S. citizens that blindly oppose whatever legislative and/or government policy they perceive as being leftist, but said legislation/policy is actually in their own best interest.

Come on now…you didn’t seriously think I was going to blog about negative politics did you? Please give me some credit!

I’m attending a tea party in March, but it’s a tea party called “Women on Fire”. Yes, I said it: WOMEN ON FIRE! Google it. “Women on Fire” was founded by Debbie Phillips.

I hear THIS tea party has the potential to be life-changing! For three hours we will hear strategies, inspiration and support for what we are “on fire” about in our work and in our life. Connecting with other women and declaring the next steps toward reaching our dream life.

I have to ask you, when’s the last time you did this for yourself? And I’m not talking about whining and commiserating with your bff over chips-n-salsa and the beverage of your choice (although there is a time/place for that).

Moral of the story: If you are going to attend a tea party, I recommend you make sure it’s for the betterment of your spirit and pushes you forward towards those aching goals and dreams of yours surrounded by positive, powerful women who are on their own missions!

P.S. I wonder if they’ll be serving chocolate drizzled scones and strawberries soaked in champagne. Geez, I sure hope so! I’m thinking I should host my OWN Tea Party…like real soon!

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