Oh the Places You will Go!

I just love stories of real women pursing their dreams. So much so, I thought I’d wrap up the year celebrating some of the very interesting women I’ve crossed paths with this past year and share their personal wins with you.

While these women may have big dreams for themselves, they aren’t just dreaming. They are doing! And what I’ve found is this; the one thing they have in common has absolutely nothing to do with where they live, their age, education, checkbook or background.

Here’s the truth: What these women share is a value system. Yes they value themselves, but they value relationships, people, and the human spirit even more. They genuinely see themselves as a vehicle to make positive differences in the lives of people even in the midst of self doubt and fears.

Tales of Fabulousness:

M – Quit her job, is selling her house and joined the Peace Corps, I would not kid you. She is currently waiting on the official notice of where her new home overseas may be. All of this at an age when most people are starting to plan seriously for retirement; she is planning her next bold act! Bravo!

L – A lifetime educator and counselor for at-risk, special needs youth, she decided her definition of retirement is going back to college to pursue yet another degree and open her own coaching business to empower young parents in crisis and renew their belief in their own parental potential. She has a bigger calling and she intends to stand up, rather than sit down and rest.

J – Is a cancer survivor, survivor of many things really and on 1/1/11 made a promise to herself to not purchase clothes, shoes, or other frivolous things but rather invest in her head, heart, body and soul and write about it every single day. For 365 days. Now that the year is almost over, she is embarking on a coaching group for people to help them realize their own promises. You can read her blog at http://thepromise365.com. It will make you pause and think deeply about who you really are and who you want to be, I guarantee it.

G – Would not settle to be a mid-western dental hygienist, so she relocated to California and is now studying under a HOLLYWOOD make-up artist, all to help women feel beautiful. Big things are in store for her, movie make-up artist, own cosmetic line, spa owner? The possibilities are truly up to her.

W – Rebuilding her life after a relationship set-back, dreams of traveling through Europe as a human rights activist. She recently enrolled in a UK Master’s program and is currently planning her next big move to a thriving, dynamic city rich in history and culture that will be her superhero base camp to work, live, love and play.

Oh, I could go on and on celebrating many women, sharing teary-eyed stories into the wee hours of the night with a glass of Pinot Grigio by a toasty fireplace in my Sock Monkey flannel pajamas (great visual right?). But what I really want to end this with is celebrating…YOU.

That’s right, You. Don’t kid yourself; you know exactly where you want to go. You are smart, witty and fabulous. You also understand how realizing your goal will improve your personal well-being, your family and the people around you. So stop with the excuses and being paralyzed by fear. It’s all about Dreaming & Doing. I can testify that this formula always works.

Need a push, inspiration or motivation for 2012? Call on me; I’d love to ride shotgun with you on your journey girlfriend. And no, you don’t need to save the world; you only need to start with saving yourself.

Tick, tock…you’ve got places to go!

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