Opportunity is knocking, open the door!

The door leading to my first women's retreat in New Mexico

Do you have a “Someday” dream? You know what I’m talking about, “Someday I will do this (fill in the blank)”; travel throughout Europe, sail around the globe, write a screenplay, etc.

Well, my Someday dream was, “Someday I will run a women’s retreat out West on my own hacienda”. It’s a big dream I realize this, but I only do big. For me, this meant having the money to purchase my own million dollar, luxury hacienda. Like I said, I dream BIG.

But something unexpected happened while I was surfing the net this week. I tripped upon a retreat website that links to vacation rentals and low and behold, I had an EPIPHANY! I could host a retreat in a RENTED luxury hacienda. Now, today! Not ten years from now when I could afford to buy one but rather move full steam ahead today by renting! It was right there all along and then, BAM! Clarity.

The possibilities are endless. In fact, I could run a retreat bi-monthly at different fabulous locations out west in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah… there are luxury rentals in all those places. The adventures are waiting to be realized. The future participants are waiting for their invitations. The universe has been waiting on me to find my way. Why? Because…

“When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be ~ Lao Tzu

Well, wait no more. Opportunity is knocking at the door, I’m ready, my bags are packed and I’m letting her in! Where there is a will, there is a way. Never give up on your “Someday”; it can come sooner than you think.

What’s your “Someday”? Imagine how you would feel if you pushed it closer to today. Ask yourself how you can make that happen. Don’t postpone your joy!

Someday is Now.

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