Permission Granted

One of my most favorite artists, Kelly Rae Roberts, recently captured exactly how I’ve been feeling the last few weeks, which is a tremendous sense of peace and tranquility.

Maybe it was the trip to the beach, journaling about forgiveness, entertaining my future life as a writer, or taking a mini-sabbatical from work?? Here’s the thing, I don’t need to understand the whys as to why I feel this way.

More importantly, I’m listening to my heart and body by giving myself permission to stop the world for a couple of weeks to jump off the treadmill of life to simply reflect, breathe, dream and create.

Imagine dropping out of meetings, projects, work, appointments, answering emails, phone calls, shopping, and house work…basically the tsunami of life. Imagine letting it go, for not just a day…try a week or two? As a control freak, type-A, results-oriented person, this is not easy I assure you.

But let me just say, giving myself permission “to let it go” and just be in the moment is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself, ever. I wish this for you too.

Just a couple days in, no longer do I have “to do” lists, but rather I have “letting go” and “letting in” lists:

Things I’m letting go:

◦Defining my productivity by how many check marks I have on my “to do” list.
◦The need to make efficient and effective use of time, 16 hours a day.
◦Answering emails, text messages, phone calls, questions…instantaneously.
◦Saying “yes” to things that don’t bring me joy.
◦Understanding I am not responsible to help everyone.


What I’m inviting in:

◦Permission to let all those things go.
◦Permission to put myself on the top of my priorities.
◦Permission to no longer be concerned about disappointing others.
◦Permission to seriously entertain what my new life looks like a year from now.
◦Permission to be the healthiest I have been in years.

Permission Granted.

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