Pick ONE New Year Resolution

2011.  This is YOUR year!  A brand new year, 365 days to get it right.  To finally get unstuck, to take a step forward, to shake off the doldrums, or try something new.  Whatever it is, I wish you much success.  Rather, I know you will be a success!  And here’s the secret:

 * You must go beyond thinking and dreaming about what you want; you must See it,  Speak it,  & Own it.

Choose one goal – One, not ten, not two.  One.  It should be “the One” that will make you the happiest and healthiest.  Make a list why you are choosing this One. 

See it – Create a Vision board and put this somewhere you can see it every single day.

Speak it – Speak about what it is you are chasing.  Tell everyone that you care about.  Give them updates both when you slip up and when you jump ahead.

Own it – This is the new you, act the part and you will be the part.  Let go of your old stories and old chapters.  Let go of the old you.  You don’t need this person anymore. 

Finally, surround yourself with positive people that will support your mission.  Period.  In fact, I’d love to hear what your goal is and cheer you along the way!

Wishing you strength on your journey.  I know you can do this!

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