Rose Colored Glasses

Looking through “rose-colored glasses” is an optimistic way of viewing the situation or the world. Definition:  Cheerful or optimistic, especially to an excessive degree: took a rose-colored view of the situation.  Seeing the world as a better place, even though it may not be.  Being optimistic, hoping for the best.

I have to ask, what’s wrong with being eternally optimistic?  Because it seems to me that there is a negative connotation with having “Rose Colored Glasses” on.  Naïve, unrealistic, denial – are just some of the words that come to my mind.

I have to ask “them”…and you know who I’m talking about, what is wrong with being eternally optimistic?  Having a positive attitude let’s you see things from a brighter perspective, lifts your spirits and those around you.  Bonus:  If you expect the best, the best generally happens. 

So I’m putting on my shades and leaving them there.  They have super powers.  They block out negative things and see only the positive…by the way…2011 is looking pretty dang rosy!

Go get yourself a pair!

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