Selfie Adventure

Oh darling

“Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art”. – Maya Angelou

I had the most exhilarating adventure this past week rollerblading on a rail trail a few miles from my home. Lost in my dreams for the future with ear buds piping in smooth jazz, it was just me and a beautiful canvas of trees, until…

Let me pause here for a moment to ask you a question and then I’ll circle back to explain what happened next.

How do you define adventure? Does it involve an agenda full of thrills and chills and non-stop action? What if we changed our definition of adventure into a place for peace and relaxation; would that make an adventure any less adventuresome? Consider a retreat that consists of meditating with a sunrise, journaling, sitting around a campfire having “real” talk with your girls, long walks on a beach or hiking through a forest, sans technology of course. Don’t you feel more relaxed just reading that description?

People often ask me how to get unstuck with an issue they are battling. My first question is, “how busy are you”? The busyness of our lives tends to get in the way of our dreams and worse, we tout our busyness like a badge of honor. When exactly did we start numbing ourselves by working around the clock, inhaling our food, assuming responsibility over other’s lives, and replacing real conversation with social media? All of which are great tactics to block your own dreams.

This question hit a nerve with me and I realized it was time to take my own advice. With a week of vacation to burn and a rolling suitcase I could have visited numerous places across the states, but the thought of scurrying around packing to leave town turned my stomach. Rather, I decided to go with a stress-free “Selfie” Adventure.

Selfie Adventure: A peaceful and relaxing retreat to create space for self-renewal and discovery.

Selfie Adventure rules are simple:
1. Mind – Live in the moment. Meditate. Vision. Choose Joy. Create.
2. Body – Exercise. Eat healthy. Accept. Love. Heal.
3. Spirit – Forgive. Let go. Be in nature. Journal. Dream.

So back to what happened next on the rail trail.

All of a sudden a beautiful gray horse with a woman rider jumped out of the brush beside me. There we were, me rollerblading with this magnificent animal galloping along. While it only lasted 20 seconds, time stood still. It was an incredible rush, one I’ll never forget. For that brief moment in time, we shared a heartbeat; there is no other way to explain it. Now that’s an adventure!

My dream is to host Selfie Adventures providing a space for women to reconnect with their spirit, get unstuck, and dwell in their possibilities. I envision the first one in Santé Fe, New Mexico with brilliant sunrises and purple sunsets, art, culture, and hiking the southwestern landscape. Sound good? If New Mexico is not your thing, there is a retreat coming up in our very own Michigan backyard this fall,

Yesterday I mailed out a Selfie Adventure postcard from my front porch, it said: “Having a fabulous time whispering with horses. Wish you were here girlfriend”!

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