Small Moments

Painting by Suze Stewart

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the simple things in life, what really means the most to me and brings me the most joy and happiness.

After flipping through old pictures of family and friends, some who are still with me and some that have moved on; grilling in the summer, here we were fishing, big laughter at parties, birthday celebrations with candle light flickering in our happy eyes, and vacation trips with someone other than just me…I realized I haven’t created enough of those small moments in the past couple of years.

See, I’ve been busy focusing on designing my life’s work. And while I’ve accomplished great things, it’s a different sense of joy than reflected in those pictures. I miss those small moments with the people I love most filled with smiles and laughter.

“Life is short. Life is in the small moments. I have lost friends. I have lost family. We all have. I would give anything for one more afternoon spent together. So would you. So let’s do it – together. Let’s vow to stop, to celebrate, and to make the time for the small moments and for reflection of life’s cherished memories”. – Debi Lilly, author of A Perfect Event

Something big has shifted in me, if feels like a glass of cold ice water was thrown in my face actually. I love my career, I love coaching and helping people, but you know what? I love my friends and family even more!

I love small moments and I intend to create many more…starting with a canoe trip followed by a birthday celebration with my most cherished friends and family.

My hope for you is that you are taking the time to make magical, small moments too.

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