Some of the best advice can be found in Fortune Cookies

Sometimes we just need to lighten up, stop searching, stop second guessing, stop writing lists upon lists and just be in the moment. You know exactly what I’m talking about so give yourself permission to just STOP and take a deep breath.

This blog isn’t about hard work; it isn’t even about getting deep. It’s quite the opposite. I’m going to make a simple suggestion that doesn’t involve buying a self-help book, seeking counsel (although I am a fantastic coach), taking a class or traveling far away for a sabbatical aka. Eat, Love, Pray. Need a quick pick me up? Searching for a “sign” or a bolt of infinite wisdom to help you make a decision? Order Chinese. I’m serious…

For less than $10 you can receive a Zone meal with a perfect balance of protein, carbs and fat (I’m currently following this, more later)…and a message from enlightened Buddhists monks who absolutely must KNOW what the universe has in store for you.

Below are some of my favorites and after reading them you’ll realize they are profound, deep and yet simple. In fact, I think for some of them, entire books have been written on the very message. Some would even make a great screenplay! Read on, any resonate with you and what’s going on in your life today??? I bet so:

10. Your sense of humor will get you through difficult times
9. Your power is in your ability to decide
8. Look deeply within to root out negative attitudes
7. Something wonderful is about to happen to you
6. Don’t waste your time hesitating when opportunity presents itself, now is the time to move forward
5. Doubt is at the beginning, not the end of wisdom
4. Do or Do not, there is no try
3. Over prepare and then go with the flow
2. The love of your life will appear unexpectedly

Again, sometimes it’s cool to not take ourselves so dang seriously and just enjoy life and its serendipity.

Take-out is a wonderful thing…A meal and a great pick-me-up…Order me up something extra spicy when you call in would ya?

P.S. And if you have a favorite fortune folded and tucked away in your wallet, please share, I’d love to hear your wish for the future.

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