Spring Cleaning Your Soul’s (not clothes) Closet

I love this time of year…Do you feel it?  Time for spring cleaning.  Time to wash curtains, throw out mismatched socks, recycle magazines and clean out your closet.

But I’m not talking about your clothes closet.  I’m talking about your soul’s closet.  It’s time to take inventory of your dreams, projects, and people in your life.  Time to get rid of the old to make room for the new.  Time to get rid of the things that don’t define or serve you anymore. 

Dreams – The old dreams were good dreams; they didn’t work out, but glad I had them.”  It’s a great quote from the Bridges of Madison County.  I guess I love it so because to me, it says, dreams have a beginning and an ending.  They also change and that’s okay.  So celebrate the dreams completed, the ones in process and let go of the dream that doesn’t fit any longer.  You know deep in your heart the difference between a dream on pause or one that needs to be thrown back.  Throw it back then and find a bigger, better one.

Projects – Enough already of the old projects that have been started and stalled.  They sit there screaming to be finished.   Example:  Maybe you don’t have time to scrapbook all your photos but a niece, neighbor or retiree may.  Offer to pay them or return a favor or buy dinner.  Just prioritize, decide what’s important and make a plan to finish it once and for all or…not.

People – You  know how I feel about energy drainers and negative people.  Get them off your face book, speed dial, circle of five.  Welcome people you want to learn something from, who have a bright, energetic spirit, who are doing something positive with their lives.  Example:  Attend events in the community that are giving back and supporting causes which resonate with you.  These people can always be found there, it’s what they do, and it’s who they are. 

Most importantly, have fun purging and sweeping your house.  Have fun renewing yourself.  I plan on having big fun…so much so it may be a while before you hear from me again.  I’ve got A LOT of cleaning to do, places to go and people to see.  There’s a big plan for me, bigger than I can possibly imagine and I’m getting ready, I suggest you do too.

Spring is right around the corner and it’s been a long, cold winter. 

Now where are those garbage bags??

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