Summer Sabbatical Anyone?

Summer is quickly approaching. Vacations are being planned, BBQ grills cleaned, patio furniture pulled out and winter clothes put away. Instead of jamming pack the next 90 days with road trips, sunscreen and festivals, I’m planning down time. In fact, sabbatical time.

Sabbatical – noun. Any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, especially for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc.

This is going to be new for me. Slowing down that is. I don’t sit still well. Outside of the normal 8-5 work day, there is always a business meeting, a fundraiser; a 5K, a community event calling my name. House hold chores to do that only can be done during the “warm” season, garage sales, and reunions…enough already. Whatever happened to just sitting on a porch with a tall glass of lemonade sans iPhone?

This Summer I’m doing me. More importantly, I’m checking out to plan for the future me.

Lazy summer days by the pool teaching my puppy to swim and dive for balls.
Enjoying coffee at the bistro table on my sun porch.
Early morning walks with the sunrise and birds chirping.
Meandering through a local art fair or listening to live music.
Start writing that book I’ve been dreaming about.
So I ask you…

Can you say “no” to things you really don’t want to attend but feel obligated to do so? How are you at sitting in silence? I encourage you to drop out…Now relax ~ not altogether, but just a little bit. Say no to simply carve out more time for your personal quests. And if you sit still long enough, you just may be inspired to flesh out your next big goal, start a business plan or …yes, even write that book.

This summer has the potential to be the first summer you’ve lived in the moment since grade school. Remember those days? Absolutely Agenda Free. Filled with playing kickball, catching fireflies, water balloon fights, hopscotch? Anyone?

If you are looking for me, I’ll be in the backyard writing, with a tall glass of lemonade.

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