Take back your power from Dream Snatchers

There is only one difference between those that follow their dreams and those that don’t. The people that make their dreams come true ignore Dream Snatchers. Successful people I know don’t waste precious time listening to the doubting whispers of a Dream Snatcher. Rather, they stop sharing their dreams with downers, boot them out of their lives and find positive, supportive people who are believers.

Who are these dream snatchers anyways? Why do we give so much power to them when our dreams are just that, OUR dreams and not theirs? And how can we take back our power from Dream Snatchers and live the life we truly imagine for ourselves?

Dream snatchers can be found at work or lounging on the sofa in your own home. They might be an authority figure like your parent, boss or even a trusted professor. Even people who deeply care for you, such as a best girl friend, who is looking out for your best interest because she doesn’t want to see you hurt or worse, make her look lazy. But the most difficult dream snatcher of all can be found in your head. Yes, that would be you.

Negative self talk and self-doubt does not serve your dream.

Inserting your fears in your dreams will destroy the miracle waiting for you. Face it, we can talk ourselves out of anything especially if we are continually thinking of “what if” horror scenarios. Ever notice how we readily believe those voices that tell us we will fail; but the voices that tell us we are amazing we easily dismiss? How about talking yourself into something for a change? Change your mind set and start telling yourself what you can do, not what you can’t. Enough already!

Do you know the story of Fred Smith, the founder and CEO of Federal Express? FedEx is the first overnight express delivery company in the world and the largest in the United States. While attending Yale, Fred wrote a paper for an economics class outlining overnight delivery. Legend has it that his paper failed because the professor told him in order for him to get a C the idea had to be feasible. Overnight delivery would never work. The paper became the idea for FedEx and for years the sample package displayed in the company’s print advertisements featured a return address at Yale. The professor? A classic Dream Snatcher. Today FedEx just happens to be a multi-million dollar company but originally, it was just a dream of Fred Smith’s that he did not give up on no matter what anyone thought.

It’s time to fight fear with fire! Here are some comebacks to the most common naysayer’s sound bites:

1. You can follow your dreams someday – When is “someday”? “Someday” is not a day at all. Today is the only day guaranteed. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
2. Don’t quit your day job – Safer doesn’t always mean better. If that were the case you can be really safe living in a prison cell too.
3. That’s Impossible – Anything is possible, you just have to be dedicated and want it bad enough. Nothing is impossible, the word itself say’s “I’m possible”! – Audrey Hepburn.
4. Sounds like a lot of work – Hard work isn’t hard when you are concentrating on your passions and dreams.
5. You need money – You don’t need money, what you need is a plan. Ask yourself what actions can I take right now with the money and resources I have that will bring me closer to my goal?

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary”. – Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

Dust off your dream girlfriend and move forward full steam ahead! Frankly, the only person’s opinion that truly matters is yours. If you don’t believe in you, who will?

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