The Teacher and the Student

Inspiration and opportunities are everywhere. You just have to be open to receive them and say “Yes”. The second part, the “Yes” piece? That is where people typically get lost in fear which sadly means losing out on the richness of life. I rarely say “No” and for me it has made all the difference in the world.

Even if I don’t know how to do it, I’ll still press Yes.
Even if I didn’t plan for it, I’ll still raise my hand.
Even if I don’t know how I’ll pay for it, I’ll still go for it.

On a particularly bitterly cold Sunday morning this past January, in true form I said, “Yes”. Sipping coffee and thinking about my 2015 goals, I found myself distracted scanning Facebook. Suddenly I came across a posting on a short film that my director friend is producing in Flint, Michigan – not too far from my hometown!

…slow the bus down…

As I read further, the lessons in the film discuss the struggles of bullying, homelessness, poverty, and racial identity – overcoming those challenges against all odds. I knew I had to get involved thinking back on how I was bullied in junior high. Even so it was 30 some years ago, I still remember those dark days as if it were yesterday.

And I’m really tired of Flint getting a bad rap.

The goal for this project is to show a different side of Flint. To tell uplifting stories, use local talent and crew, and show iconic and redeveloped Flint locations. Michigan is home to a large number of talented, hardworking people. The Detroit and Flint areas are rich with artists – musical, visual, and performing. My excitement grew into a fever!

The short story is I’m going to be in the film. It just took a phone call. It just required passion. It was merely me accepting the invitation for an experience of a lifetime, and saying “Yes”. It was me believing in the project. And me believing in me.

Below you can check out this meaningful film with an intention to shine light on dark places that can become bright.

How are you saying “Yes”? A better question may be – what are you losing out on by saying “No”?

I’ll see you on the red carpet.

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