Top ten reasons why you should be treated like a Queen even though you don’t have a British accent

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First let me say…Dear Kate, I mean no disrespect.  Okay, got that out of the way…

I understand “Royalty”, birth rights, class, rank, file and tradition, jewels, butlers, thrones, castles.   I really do.  But this isn’t about that.  It’s about being a woman and that in itself grants you the title of “Queen”. 

Royal etiquette aside, we teach people how to treat us, the behaviors we are willing to accept and what we absolutely will not accept.  Don’t sell yourself short, you ARE a Queen and deserve to be treated as such.  Here’s why I think so:

  1. Your checkbook balance has no bearing on this conversation; neither does your family tree.  By the way, every tree has black sheep, eccentric Aunts with lots of cats and odd Uncles.  Who cares?  I’m just sayin’…
  2. Your castle is wherever your home is…whether it’s a woman’s shelter, hotel, condo or single family ranch. 
  3. Have you looked deep into your eyes lately?  Really stood in front of the mirror and got lost in your pools of wisdom, of accomplishments, of joy and pain, have you?  Behold you are in the presence of royalty.
  4. You are a ruler of kindness and compassion because you give freely of your time and self.  To your family, friends and community. 
  5. I’m willing to bet the food coming out of your kitchen girlfriend beats any team of chefs.  Ain’t no cookin’, like home cookin’.  Make your significant other serve you with white gloves and a black tie on once in a while just for giggles.
  6. Of course people take notice when you enter a room, you are you!    
  7. You do have staff:  family, partner, lawn crew, babysitter, garbage guy, mail and overnight delivery, pizza delivery…you have tons of staff.
  8. Your carriage just has to be a drivable vehicle, not a Bentley.  You may or may not have a driver, but the beauty is…who wants a driver anyways?  I know I want to come and go whenever I please and certainly minus the paparazzi.
  9. You have fans and then you have others.  Just like politics, you will never be able to make everyone happy, nor will everyone like you.  Regardless, you should still command respect! 

 And 10…Let’s face it, you are a woman.  It really is that simple.

 So dear heart, please don’t ever forget your title, act the part and be the part.  And for heaven sakes, at all costs, treat yourSELF like a Queen!


 Her Royal Highness Queen Beth

 P.S. You don’t have to curtsey when we meet, a warm smile will do me just fine!

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