Tough decision to make? Try Poker

It’s not my intention to minimize the current drama you may be obsessing over or promote gambling with your life.  But when it comes to “challenges” you have in front of you, whether personal or professional, I advise folks to play it out like a hand of poker.

Making a decision is the toughest part but truly there are  four simple options that can be applied to just about anything.  (Yes, I grew up listening to “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers, thanks Dad). 

 Know when to hold ‘em – Keep “it”. You believe in it so fight to improve or change the situation.

 Know when to fold ‘em – Accept that you’ve tried to change “it” but it’s out of your control.   Stay but find a happy medium.  Try a give and take approach.  

 Know when to walk away – Drop “it”.   Believe in a better future elsewhere, make a plan B  and start making preparation for exiting stage left.

 Know when to run – Escape now.  It’s toxic, life threatening, miserable, mentally & emotionally draining.

It’s served me well and more times than not, I’ve gone “all in”.

Definition: If a player goes “all in” they are betting all the chips he/she has left at the table.  Example:  “I’m all in” means, “I bet everything I have”.  I’m going for it!

Yeah risks are involved.  But Big risks = Big rewards, letting go, facing fears, making a change, speaking up, standing up and taking action.  Also means relief because you are finally making a decision, any decision.

Think of a situation you are currently indecisive about.  Stop obsessing and just play out the hand or get up from the table. 

“Every gambler knows that the secret to survivin’ is knowin’ what to throw away and knowing what to keep”.

The Gambler Lyrics
Artist (Band):Kenny Rogers

 P.S.  And when all else fails…follow your intuition.

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