Tulips in January

It hit 50 degrees this past week, in Michigan, in January! It’s almost as if Mother Nature heard me begging to please, please give us a pass on a bitter winter this year. So I took full advantage; went out for lunch, popped the sunroof, cashed in a Starbucks gift card and took a slow cruise marveling at the weather.

In fact, I marveled a lot this week, at the small things that really make me happy and (light bulb) it just came from living “me” authentically…

My k-cup supply for my new Keurig arrived, 96 cups of bliss, one cup at a time.

Walking Willy, ice free, and minus brutal winds after his breakfast, a Koegel hotdog. Willy loves Koegels, you can only get them in the Midwest…I love quality time with Willy.

My replacement prescription sunglasses came in, I sat on the first pair but they were covered under warranty, and I like the new pair better ~ bonus!

Sitting in front of a roaring fire with a bowl of popcorn and glass of wine watching the NFL playoffs, Heaven!

Shellac manicure in bubble gum pink on a lazy Saturday morning. Whoever came up with this, is a pure genius. The Keurig or Shellac? I’m not sure which wins…

Lastly, I had an amazing Friday, huge understatement. It was a day that I will never forget and is officially in the top five days of my entire life! I was honored to give a keynote address to some amazing women leaders from Women in Leadership Mid-Michigan at their monthly luncheon. The speech was about embracing risk and living the life you imagine. I had played that speech in my head a thousand times. The topic, the setting, the excitement in the women, what I would wear and the standing ovation…it all came true, my first standing ovation ever!

But I think the loudest cheers came from the Girls on the Run of Saginaw County table when WILMM announced that they would continue supporting our program! That’s tens of young girls who will be able to go through the program whose families wouldn’t normally be able to afford it!

See it, speak it, do it! I preach the Law of Attraction all the time. It really, really works. What a blessing, what a gift, what an amazing thing to do…that is, living your purpose!

Yes, Tulips bloomed this week. Maybe not outside, but certainly inside my heart.

I hope Tulips are delivered to you this winter, and quite often.

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