When God Winks at You

There is a powerful correlation between wishes and winks, because when your wish comes true or your prayer is answered, it sometimes comes in the form of a coincidence – a wink from God.  This from Squire Rushnell, the author of “When God Winks”. 

 So…I’ve been tossing around the idea of pursing my Ph.D.  I have this vision for myself of teaching and writing and I believe having a Ph.D. will help me pursue this dream.  I don’t know what doctoral program, where the money would come from, what University even.  But I do know this…

Recently one morning on the drive in to work I was waiting to turn left and head towards the highway.  An SUV was slowly approaching; normally I would have jumped into the road because there was enough room but my mind was drifting as I was contemplating the Ph.D. thing and I decided to let this SUV pass ahead of me. 

I proceeded behind the SUV when I noticed the license plate.  Actually the license plate was Winking at me.  It was a vanity plate and it read “DR BETH”.  I kid you not!   

Whether you want to call it a coincidence, intuition, fate or a God Wink…at this particular moment in time it was a confirmation to me that, yes indeed Beth you are on the right path.

If you are struggling with a decision in your life, whether it’s a career path, move or relationship issue; pay attention to your surroundings.  Look for signs, listen to the whispers coming at you from people, media and events.  Your intuition will kick in and suddenly the Wink you receive will make all the sense in the world about the path you should follow.  It’s all about Faith.  Make sure you have some and take the leap. On the way down, you’ll sprout wings and fly.

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