Who’s on your Dream Team?

It’s not money, talent or even luck that sets successful women apart. We all know you could have boat loads of money, but squander it away. You could have talent, but no ambition. You could be lucky, but luck is fleeting. Give up?

Successful women have a Dream Team or “Personal Board of Directors”, is what I like to call mine.

Your team should consist of cheerleaders, challengers and mentors. People who are supportive and genuinely care about your success need only apply. Don’t have one? Here are some tips on creating and operating a successful team:

1. Take emotional risks – Have the courage to voice your personal goals and ask for help; be open vs. guarded; be fearless vs. fearful; be trusting vs. doubtful.

2. Create your support network – Write a list of the people you admire professionally, friends, family and peers whom you trust implicitly. Pick the top five that bring the support you need to the table (cheerleaders, challengers and mentors). Don’t have five? Join organizations with like minded people, attend workshops, or hire a coach. They are out there waiting to support you.

3. Share updates – Set up a private facebook group for your team to share updates, celebrate and ask questions. Emails, a quarterly luncheon or attending events together work well too.

4. Be grateful – Hand written cards, a gift of your favorite book with a genuine message, an update on facebook, or homemade cookies. Little things go a long way.

My own dream team consists of my Mom, BFFs, and mentors. One happens to be a very wise Dentist that plays bass in a local band, no kiddin’. The dude is smart when it comes to being politically correct. I need this because I can be like a bull in a china shop at times. I am able to openly share accomplishments with my team without feeling like I’m gloating. I run ideas past them to get a pulse if I’m headed in the right direction and sometimes they tell me I’m not, but that’s okay. I vent and discuss challenges just to get a sympathetic ear or a tissue. The fact is I wouldn’t have made the strides I’ve made this past year without my team.

And the best part? I’m grateful to be “playing” on others dream teams because there’s nothing better than celebrating someone’s accomplishments, pointing out potholes and pushing them through their fears to take risks and pursue those dreams.

Isn’t that what we are here for after all? To support one another and take each other to our best and highest self?

I think so.

P.S. If you are searching for a supportive and inspiring team of women, check out Women on Fire. Debbie Phillips, the founder of Women on Fire, was recently featured in the November issue of More Magazine. I had the privilege of attending one of Debbie’s Women on Fire teas in Alpena, Michigan earlier this year and my life was elevated to a completely higher level…Hey now that’s a Dream Team!

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